Relocation Astrology 101

A Self-Paced Course on How to Use Astrology to Find the Perfect Location for You and Others!

Course Starts 8/21/2021

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Presented by AstroDim,
Astrologer, Reiki Master, Healer

 AstroDim is a spiritual counselor and content creator: focusing on astrology, reiki, tarot, and subconscious healing. She has been interested in astrology since she was a young child and have been studying intensely since 14. By studying astrology, it pulled her into other types of divinations and esoteric studies. Since 2017, she has used all the spiritual tools she has learned for self improvement and started to help others in the life journey. 

Learning Style of the Course:

Self Paced Course so You Can Start, Stop, and Finish at Any Time.

Weekly Group "Office Hours" for an Open Learning Experience

Quizzes, Homework, Tests, and Ability to Ask me questions 1v1 via email

Available for However Long the Course is being Offered!

In this webinar we will cover:



(general knowledge of the astrological meanings of planets, signs, houses and aspects)

If you would like to have a solid foundation on the astrological concepts above before taking this course, I suggest taking IMANSSS's astrology course called 
"Beginners Astro Course" 
as well as her other courses

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