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Tamanna Akter
Jun 20, 2022
In Spirituality & Theories
Therefore, it is difficult to establish the phases followed by all experts on the subject. However, we can bring you a type of method. We leave you some of the phases of transpersonal therapies ! Business Email List Knowledge and self-knowledge . The first phase is always getting to know yourself and letting the expert get to know you. Although it may seem strange, many people do not really know each other and it is an essential task for the rest of the therapy to work. Work with the ego. This is one of the first steps, since it allows us to look inward. Thus we begin to assume our personal Business Email List crisis. Creation of new patterns . To put an end to what disturbs us, it is important to change things in our lives. Something that can work is creating new patterns or routines. Where to study transpersonal psychology Can I be a transpersonal psychologist in the Public Administration? The Oppositions of Psychology are one of the main professional opportunities that many psychologists choose. If you also want to carry out your Business Email List work in the Public Administration , it is important that you know a series of aspects. In the first place, meeting a series of access requirements is essential to be able to take the exams. Do you want to know if you comply? Check it! Have Spanish nationality or a member state of the European Union. Be over 18 years of age and under Business Email List the compulsory retirement age. Be a university graduate in Psychology. Not present incapacity to perform the functions corresponding to the job. No criminal record. Not having been separated from the Public Administrations. The necessary requirements to present yourself to the oppositions vary from one call to another. It will depend on the convening body, among other things. Check the bases of your call to make Business Email List sure! Types of Oppositions for psychologists where to study transpersonal psychology Although we have advanced some of the access requirements for the Oppositions in Psychology, the truth is that there are several types of them. Depending on the family of oppositions to which you present these requirements may vary. Next, we leave you some of the most Business Email List common types of oppositions for psychologists . Let's go! Resident Internal Psychologists (PIR) . It is one of the most recognized processes and allows clinical psychology to be practiced within public health. Oppositions to Education . Specifically, Secondary School teachers and Vocational Training Teachers.
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