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shati khatun
Jun 19, 2022
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Men and women in our country exceeds 3,600 euros per year. This situation can be extrapolated to all job categories. In the case usa phone list managerial positions, the salary gap is one of the highest of all, almost 3,500 euros. They receive a remuneration of 46,351 euros and women, 42,874 euros. For middle managers, the pay difference is slightly higher: 3,900 euros. Men usa phone list an average of 30,401 euros and women, 26,490 euros. For technicians, this salary difference is 1,500 euros. From the 23,499 euros that a woman receives in a technical position to the 25,062 that a man receives. For the category of employees, the salary gap is the smallest, since it is 1,100 euros. In this case, men receive, on average, 18,201 euros and women, 17,117 euros. Salaries according to functional areas If we look at the functional area in which each professional works, it is in the direction and usa phone list area where the highest salaries are reached: 44,063 euros. It is followed by the technological, IT and telecommunications area, with an average remuneration of 30,747 euros, closely followed by those received by professionals usa phone list the legal area, which amounts to 30,229 euros, and those in the marketing , communication and content area , which is 30,030 euros. Between 25,000 and 30,000 euros are the areas of usa phone list and finance (27,668 euros), quality, R&D, PRL and environment (27,562 euros), engineering and production (26,402 euros) and commercial and sales (25,884 euros). . Others appear between 20,000 and 25,000 euros, such as human resources (24,923 euros), design and layout (22,971 euros) and purchases, logistics and transport (22,823 euros). Finally, it is the administrative and secretarial and customer service areas that receive the lowest remuneration, with 18,367 and 19,581 euros, respectively. The study of the direct remuneration offered to professionals in job offers allows, therefore, to specify the remuneration differences between the different functional areas, although taking into account a methodological limitation. It is not possible to speak of areas of functions that are better or worse paid in an absolute way, since for this usa phone list variable component of remuneration should be considered. Nor can it be ignored that the behavior of the same functional area can vary significantly between the different professional categories. Salaries according to usa phone list category Salaries also vary considerably from one professional category to another, being higher in the case of managers, with an average of 49,924 euros, and lower in the case of employees, whose average stands at 19,220 euros. The average salary received by technicians in Spain is 26,304 euros, compared to 34,679 euros for middle managers. As a reference, an average manager receives a salary offer that is 2.6 times higher than that of an employee and 1.9 times that of a technician.
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